Table Fables – Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from customers who purchased Table Fables.

  • I love the book!   I grow up reading Aesop’s Fables and was excited to read the fables that you created for your daughters and the life lesson that each story held.  I recently became a certified foster mother.  The “someone special” that you autographed the book for… is someone that I haven’t even met yet. I look forward to reading your book, over and over, to the one child or all the children that stay with me in my home.   – Jody Mccarthy
  • Excellent writing, wonderful story, inspiring moral messages, beautiful illustrations.  Highly recommend! I read this book to our 4 year old daughter and 9-year-old son and they both absolutely loved it…and I did too! The writing is excellent which made for a much enjoyed “read-aloud” for me. I also appreciated the inspiring moral message.  – Dr. Bessie Mbadugha.
  • A wonderful collection of stories, not just for children and for the adult as well. It makes you reflect back on your childhood. I think back on when my parents when we would sit down and have reading time. Thank you so much for such great memories!!!!!! – Jesse Mac.
  • Table Fables teaches such honorable virtues through the lives of many different creatures. It is rare to find such rich storytelling today so I am thankful that Earl has published these fables that his daughters are so lucky to hear from him around the dinner table. We were delighted to have Earl read to the Elementary classes at our school. The children were eager to hear more stories and learn the meanings behind the African names. I would love to read a book two! – Natalie McFarland, Montessori Children’s House of Durham.
  • Initially, I purchased this book as part of a birthday gift for my friend’s son, but as I flipped through its pages, I was amazed by the vivid storytelling and amazing life lessons! I was so impressed that I ordered another copy for myself!  – Cassi Johnson
  • This book was a joy to read as both a child and an adult. My daughter devoured it and I loved it as well. There are life lessons, humor, and fascinating characters. This is definitely a book that can be passed down for generations to come. Loved it! – Beverly Toporowski
  • We love reading these stories together on the way to school, around the dinner table and at bedtime. This book has wonderful characters and the stories are a great jumping off point for family discussions. – Joanne Finkle
  • The story reads as nice as the cover looks. A nice feel-good story. – James Jenkins
  • Review of Table Fables – “Bukosi – King of the Ants” – A fascinating fable about goal setting, self-confidence, and courage. Appropriate for all ages. This story can be used in many ways. It can be included in a pre-school story time. It can be used as a discussion book with school-aged children and teens. It can be used in guidance and career counseling. The author has thoughtfully chosen the names of the characters and includes the meaning of the names at the end of the book. – Jaqijaqi