Letters from the Kids!


Here is some follow-up thank you letters from kids at schools where we’ve done readings.  They are so charming and thoughtful that I had to share some of them.

“… Dear Mr. Mathis  Thank you so much for reading to our class.  All of us enjoyed it and here are some reasons why.  You read with emotion and moved to what the characters are doing.  Also, you make such funny stories and stories that make you not want to stop reading.  Lastly, you are a great person.  You are so funny, kind and a good person by itself.  Thank you.  Sincerely Josie

“…Dear Mr. Mathis  Thanks for reading.  I LOVE READING SO MUCH!!!!!!  I love your book.  Sincerely Nies.”

“…Dear Mr. Mathis, I like the book you read us.  It was the best book ever!  It was so good. I want to get 83 MILLION copies.  I love, love your book.  I like Corn Thief.  It was good.  Sincerely, Max.”

“Dear Mr. Mathis  Thank you for coming to our classroom.  I like the book.  I am looking forward to buying your book from the store.  Sincerely Lilliam.”