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The Author

Earl Mathis was born and raised in a rural setting in southeastern North Carolina  (United States), where he experienced the joys of observing human, plant and animal nature along with the richness of oral traditions and storytelling. Throughout his many careers, the footprints of creative writing and storytelling have always been present. His first published work, an eBook titled, “Table Fables – Bukosi, King of the Ants”, is part of a collection of original stories that were created around the dinner table to capture the attention of the author’s young daughters. The author would take them on a journey by weaving a story to bring the characters to life in some adventure or mystery, to entertain them, inspire their imaginations, and to impart life lessons and morals. His stories are suitable for children of all ages, but these stories can be enjoyed by all who are eternally children at heart.

Earl, his bride J’Ingrid and their daughters Victoria and Alexa live in North Carolina and their home is filled with creative spirits that express themselves in stories, music, song, dance, and discussions as to where their next travel adventure will be.

Earl started his career as an electrical engineer, having received bachelor and masters degrees from North Carolina A&T State University and Stanford University respectively.  After a career in supercomputer and mainframe computer design, technical marketing, and entrepreneurial pursuits such as running a software company, the birth of his children stirred Earl’s memory of his own childhood and his desire to share the life-guiding principles through storytelling he received as a child.